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BHCPRO Contractor QuickStart Guide

Communication with Baltimore Home Cleaning

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9 AM-5 PM

Service Provider Support #: 443-432-2201

Text or call this number when you need to reach your clients, get information about / make changes to your bookings, and anything else that needs an immediate response.

Service Provider Support Email:

Email this address to make changes to your account, ask questions about your pay, update your insurance documents, or add new people to your team. And anything else too long for a text message.

Communicating with Clients

All client communications should be routed through Baltimore Home Cleaning. Contact us on the Service Provider Support # when you need to reach clients.

Cleaning Checklists

Please closely review each checklist. Clients expect you to perform every task on the checklist, every time, regardless of the condition of the area/item when you arrive.

Standard Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Move Cleaning

Booking Application, BookingKoala

Use BookingKoala (BK for short) to respond to booking invitations, browse and grab jobs from the unassigned folder, see your upcoming booking details, and manage your availability.

You will receive an invitation to set up your account shortly before or during your onboarding call.

In the meantime, please download the app so that you’re ready to sign in when you receive your invite. 

iPhones: ​​ 

Claiming Jobs

Booking Invitations

You will receive invitations to bookings via email, text, and in the BookingKoala app. Click the link in the invitation to view more details or accept the booking onto your schedule.

Unassigned Bookings Folder

You can Grab any job from the Unassigned Bookings folder that you qualify for. So please browse what’s available and fill up your schedule as much as possible. 

Grabbing Bookings

When you grab a booking, it will be assigned to you automatically. You will then be able to see all of the details for the booking. 

However, Baltimore Home Cleaning has the final say on who bookings will be assigned to, and we may unassign you from a job you’ve grabbed. If this happens, we will notify you and let you know why. If we unassign you from a job, please do not reclaim it from the Unassigned Bookings folder without prior approval from our office.

Grabbing Recurring Bookings

When you accept or grab a recurring booking, you will be assigned to all future bookings in that series by default. You can request to be unassigned from all future bookings or as needed at any time. Likewise, the client can also request a new cleaner at any time.

Managing Your Availability

BookingKoala allows you to manage your availability for jobs right in the application. Open your BookingKoala app and go to Menu > Manage Availability or go online to 

Completing Jobs

Check-in and check-out

Check in to your bookings in the BookingKoala app when you arrive on-site and begin working. Check out at the end of each booking. 

Note: You will be automatically checked out of a job if you travel more than 1,600 feet from the location.

Job Length / Duration

All bookings are given an estimated duration/job length based on a single cleaner completing the service. If multiple cleaners work on the same booking, the duration should be divided by the number of cleaners working. 

Job Length in BookingKoala: 5 hours
One cleaner completes the job: 5 hours
Two cleaners complete the job: 2.5 hours adjusted duration

Requesting Additional Time

If you cannot complete a booking within the allotted time, you should notify BHC on the Service Provider Support # as soon as possible. We will try to get the client to approve additional charges for additional time. Please do not wait until time has run out to request additional time as clients respond negatively to this.


Clients expect you to perform every task on the checklist every time you clean. BookingKoala allows you to view and complete booking checklists right in the app. If there is no checklist for your booking in the app, you should refer to the appropriate checklist on this page: 

Before and after photos

Before and after photos are a great way to show off your work and protect you from service quality complaints. BookingKoala allows you to upload photos to every booking before, during, and after the job. Please upload at least one before and after photo set of each room you clean.

Client walkthroughs and signatures

If the client is present during the cleaning, you should offer to perform a walkthrough with the client at the end of the cleaning. If the client identifies any areas/items that need to be touched up, you should reclean it before you leave. BookingKoala allows you to capture the client’s signature to sign off their approval for the work you’ve done. This is another great way to protect yourself from complaints and chargebacks.

Client feedback rating

We ask clients to rate every cleaning. You can view all of your ratings and feedback from clients in BookingKoala.

Service Providers are expected to maintain an average rating of 4.5 or higher. Service Providers with higher ratings receive more booking invitations. An average rating below 4.5 may result in fewer booking invitations. And an average rating below 4 puts you at risk for removal from the platform. Multiple negative feedbacks in a row may result in immediate suspension and removal from future assignments until we are able to identify and address whatever is impacting your performance.

Resolving complaints from feedback

Contractors are responsible for resolving all client complaints at their own expense. 

Clients have 72 hours after the booking to submit feedback(with some exceptions). If a client submits a negative rating or complaint about a cleaning you performed, BHC will coordinate with you and the client towards a resolution. Most often, you will be required to go back to the property and reclean the areas the customer complained about. 

If you fail to resolve the complaint for any reason and BHC has to resolve the issue, either through a refund or reclean, we will pass along any and all costs we incur in the process, up to a maximum of the amount you were paid for the cleaning.

Team Members / Helpers / Crews

When you work with others to complete your bookings, as the contracted party, you are 100% responsible for those people, their behavior, and their work results. 

Policies and Procedures

Lockouts: Notify the office as soon as you are unable to access the property. Wait 15 minutes before leaving.

Infestations: We will not clean a home or office with any pest infestation, including, but not limited to, fleas, bedbugs, rodents, and lice.

Keys/Door Codes/Alarm Codes/Client’s Keys: This information is highly confidential and should not be shared with anyone. Any losses as a result of the mishandling of confidential information or physical keys will be the responsibility of the contractor.

More policies at